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Restoring Smiles By Removing The Pain

A older man in the dentist chair smilingHaving a tooth that is infected is never a pleasant experience. Discomfort in your teeth due to a sinus infection or lodged food is bad enough, but when the pain occurs deep inside the tooth, it can oftentimes be unbearable. This is why a root canal in Calimesa can be a beneficial treatment option. Dr. Scott Parker can examine your problem tooth to determine if a root canal is necessary. If so, you’ll be feeling relief in no time thanks to him and his highly skilled team of professionals. If you’re looking to finally be rid of the pain that’s plaguing your tooth, call us today and schedule an appointment.

Why Would I Need a Root Canal?

A woman holding her cheek in painWhen the nerve or the pulp of your tooth becomes infected as a result of decay or damage, a root canal not only eliminates the pain but salvages the tooth, preventing the need for extraction. Some situations that might require a root canal include:

If you have extreme sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, have a discolored tooth or pain that radiates when biting down or applying pressure, you should contact us immediately.

What Happens During the Procedure?

A diagram of a root canalDuring the procedure, Dr. Parker will administer anesthesia to ensure you are comfortable and feeling no discomfort. He will then begin to use specialized instruments to access the interior portion of your tooth, removing the infected pulp and bacteria. Once it is removed and cleaned thoroughly, he will fill it with the appropriate material, sealing the tooth so that future infection will be less likely to occur. Finally, we’ll place a customized dental crown as a form of added protection.

Common Misconceptions About Root Canals

An older woman smiling on the beachUnfortunately, there are many misconceptions about root canals. It has gained a bad reputation over the years, but Dr. Parker and his team want to set the record straight to help alleviate any concerns or fears you may have.

  1. Root Canals are Painful: In the past, when dentistry was without modern technology and anesthesia, this may have been true. However, nowadays, the pain involved with a root canal is no more than if you were to have a cavity filled. The intense pain you feel is from the infection, not the procedure. In fact, the procedure is meant to relieve the pain.
  2. It’s Better to Have a Tooth Pulled Then Have a Root Canal: Maintaining your natural teeth is always Dr. Parker’s goal. Only in extreme circumstances where there is no other option will an extraction occur. Having normally functioning teeth is the goal, and no matter how real the artificial tooth looks, it cannot replicate the same level of functionality. Unless the tooth simply cannot be saved, a root canal will always be the better option.
  3. Root Canals Cause Illness: When Dr. Parker removes the infection and bacteria from your tooth, it not only saves the tooth, but it prevents the harmful bacteria from traveling to the rest of your body. Root canals also prevent future infections from occurring.
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