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Are you happy with the way your smile looks? Do you find yourself constantly hiding in the backgrounds of photos or covering your mouth with your hand? Dental flaws and imperfections happen to many of us over time, and they don’t have to be permanent. With cosmetic dentistry from Dr. Scott Parker here in Calimesa, patients can regain the dazzling, confident appearance they’ve dreamed of. Contact us today if you have any questions or concerns for our staff, or if you’re ready to schedule your first consultation. We look forward to creating the perfect smile makeover plan with patients from Redlands, CA and surrounding areas! 

Porcelain Veneers

When your smile is in need of a full makeover, porcelain veneers are an excellent, comprehensive solution that can transform the appearance of several teeth all at once in just a few short appointments. These restorations are crafted from high-quality dental porcelain and designed to be extremely thin in nature. Unlike dental crowns that cover the entire shape of a natural tooth, veneers fit over just the front surfaces, effectively hiding years of severe dental stains, gaps between teeth, and other significant flaws behind a brand-new, flawless appearance.

Veneers are so versatile that they can even change the overall length and shape of certain teeth if you’re unhappy with their appearance. Better yet, their porcelain structure is actually resistant against gradual discoloration, which means they’ll maintain their bright glow for even longer than your natural teeth. With the right amount of at-home care and professional maintenance here at our Calimesa office, this cosmetic solution can last for up to 15 years or even longer.

Metal-Free Restorations

It wasn’t too long ago when silver and gold restorations were the norm for correcting significant dental damage. However, many patients were understandably frustrated with this solution, having regained their strong, healthy smile only to sacrifice their natural appearance in the process. Thankfully, metal-free restorations from Dr. Parker provide the best of both worlds. These-quality, all-ceramic materials are an exceptionally close match when compared with natural teeth, even reflecting light in the same way. They’re also durable, functional, and very comfortable within the mouth. Their biocompatible nature is great news for all patients, even those who have struggled with allergies or increased sensitivities to common dental metals in the past.

Direct Bonding

If you’re struggling with a minor cosmetic flaw, such as a small chip in the enamel or a slightly misaligned tooth, our Calimesa, CA dental team is likely to recommend direct bonding as a simple and affordable solution. This process usually only takes a single appointment – Dr. Parker will apply the tooth-colored composite resin material directly to the affected tooth and sculpt it into a pleasing, lifelike addition, using a high-tech curing light to harden it in place. Although not as permanent as a custom porcelain veneer or dental crown, patients should be able to enjoy their new improvements for multiple years.

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Teeth Whitening

Many people believe that stained/discolored teeth are always directly caused by poor oral hygiene, but this isn’t necessarily the case. There are multiple possible factors for this unfortunate cosmetic flaw, including some that are completely out of a person’s control. They include:

If you’re unhappy with the lackluster smile staring back at you from the mirror, it’s time to make a positive change. Dr. Parker offers take-home teeth whitening kits that come stocked with high-grade gel and custom oral trays. The patient simply needs to wear both together for a certain amount of time each day; within a few weeks, the improvements will be noticeable and beautiful.

Crown Lengthening

If your smile seems overly short, uneven, or “gummy,” a crown lengthening procedure may be in order to improve its aesthetic quality. Dr. Parker will reshape your gum tissue and remove excess growths in order to reveal more of your hidden, healthy tooth structure and create a more pleasing gum line.  In addition to cosmetic improvements, crown lengthening may also be recommended when a restorative procedure (like the placement of a dental crown or tooth-colored filling) needs to be performed and the tooth’s structure isn’t exposed enough and/or the tooth has broken off beneath the gum line. 

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