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Dr. Parker and his staff aren’t only here to take care of your smile—we also want to give you reason to smile. A few of the ways we do that is by offering all the dental care you need under one roof, treating you with consideration and compassion and providing top-notch customer service that includes accepting Delta Dental. As your Delta Dental dentist in Calimesa, Dr. Parker can help you get the most out of your dental benefits.

Delta Dental Insurance Plans

Delta Dental has three benefits plans:

Delta Dental PPOSM or Delta Dental Premier allow you to see any licensed dentist, but you’ll save money seeing an in-network dentist such as Dr. Parker. DeltaCare® USA is a DHMO-type closed network plan that requires selecting an in-network dentist. As an in-network Delta Dental dentist in Calimesa, Dr. Parker will submit your claim forms and you won’t be billed more than the set amount.

Dental Insurance Basics

While Delta Dental plans vary slightly, they all have some basic characteristics in common. Here are three:

  1. Just like your auto insurance, dental coverage has a deductible—the annual amount you must pay for dental care before Delta Dental begins to pay.
  2. Your dental insurance likely has a maximum dollar amount that Delta Dental will pay toward the cost of your dental care. This maximum is restricted to a benefit period that is usually a year.
  3. If you have a fee-for-service benefit plan, then Delta Dental pays a percentage of the treatment cost, and you pay the balance. What you pay is called coinsurance and is the portion of your dental care that is your responsibility after you’ve met the deductible.

Schedule Regular Dental Cleanings and Exams

Dental Checkups are considered preventive dental care, which is a covered service on Delta Dental insurance plans. Just like Dr. Parker, the insurance companies know that regular checkups go a long way toward preventing dental problems such as tooth decay, gum disease or damage due to cracking or loose fillings. So listen to your dentist in Calimesa and Delta Dental—stick to a regular schedule of twice yearly checkups in order to maintain your best oral and dental health.

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