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Dental damage comes in all shapes and sizes. It might happen in an instant, such as a sudden injury, or it could start small and gradually worsen into a serious problem over time. Whatever your unique situation is, know that you’ll always be treated with support and skillful attention here at the office of Dr. Scott Parker, DDS. Our team offers several quality restorative solutions that can repair hurting teeth and give your smile back the strength and function it needs. Contact our Calimesa, CA office today to schedule your first appointment!

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental restoration becomes necessary when a tooth is severely decayed, injured, or lost altogether. Here in Calimesa, patients in need can regain the oral health and confidence they need with a high-quality, customized dental crown or bridge from Dr. Parker.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Cavities are one of the most common dental problems children and adults alike will face over the years – in fact, nearly 92% of the population experiences one or more at some point. Thankfully, patients from Bunning, CA and other surrounding areas don’t have to worry about having their decay treated with noticeably silver-colored fillings at our practice. Dr. Parker offers high-quality, composite resin fillings for a seamless aesthetic appearance, as well as improved health and durability.

When placing tooth-colored fillings, our team makes sure to select the shade that most precisely matches your natural enamel, allowing the restorative work to blend right in. Additionally, because the composite resin material forms a direct bond with your remaining healthy dental structure, it will help strengthen and preserve the tooth over time. Tooth sensitivity to temperature is reduced as well!

Full Dentures & Partials

Dentures are a tried-and-true method for restoring lost teeth that has been around for hundreds of years, and today, many patients still prefer them because of their convenience, reliability, and cost-effective nature. Dr. Parker can provide both customized full dentures (designed to replace an entire arch of teeth) and partial dentures (designed to replace certain teeth on a certain arch while leaving remaining healthy teeth in place) that can be taken out of the mouth for easy cleaning and storage.

If you’re looking for a sturdier, non-removable alternative to the traditional denture model, talk to our team about implant-retained dentures!

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Root Canal Therapy

Do any of the following symptoms apply to one or more of your teeth?

These are common signs of a severe dental infection that’s reached the vulnerable inner pulp of your tooth. In these cases, root canal therapy could be the saving grace that stands between your natural smile and the threat of extraction. During this procedure, Dr. Parker will carefully access the inside of your tooth in order to remove diseased pulp and bacteria. After filling it in with a safe replacement, the tooth is sealed to reduce the risk of further infection and typically restored with a dental crown or filling in order to rebuild the tooth’s natural shape and strength.

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Tooth Extractions

Here in Calimesa, our dental team works hard to help your natural smile stay happy and healthy over the years. Unfortunately, though, there are situations that can arise where one or more teeth simply can’t be saved, whether because of a traumatic injury to the mouth or severe dental decay that’s gone unchecked for too long. If Dr. Parker determines that an extraction is necessary, patients can rest assured that their procedure will be handled smoothly and comfortably by our team. We’ll also start recommending possible tooth replacement solutions like dental implants or custom dental bridges right away so that you’re not without a full set of strong, capable teeth for very long.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Your third molars (“wisdom teeth”) are actually the last adult teeth to fully erupt into your permanent smile, typically arriving somewhere between the ages of 16 and 22. Unfortunately, this usually isn’t good news – because of the lack of available space left in the mouth at this late stage, wisdom teeth are likely to become partially or fully impacted (trapped below the gum line) or cause overcrowding and infection.

Dr. Parker always keeps a close eye on his patients’ growing wisdom teeth over the years, and if he determines that complications are likely, our team may recommend extraction as a preventive measure that protects oral health and overall wellbeing. 

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